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Hau Mitakuyapi
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Makoce Duta-Red Earth Benefit Concert for Dakota Treaty Rghts

Makoce Duta (Red Earth) Benefit Concert for Dakota Treaty Rights

This event was cancelled due to lack of resources for the 2011 deadline.  As time and commitments allow this event will be revisited for 2012, Thank you for your interest and support.

Where: To Be Announced

When: Postpoined

Why: To raise funds for the promotion and defense of Dakota Oyate Treaty Rights throughout North America.

The treaty rights of the Dakota have been grossly violated and subjugated by the American government.  The violations are numerous and they need to be vindicated both here in the United States and in the International forums of justice.
The United States stole over 20 million acres from the Dakota Oceti Sakowin during the early 1800's from 1805 to 1858.  And they have never been repatriated.  The crimes have been left undisturbed for over 150 years.

It is now time for the Dakota Oyate to unite and demand that the treaties be reviewed and and be corrected to reflect the true intention of the documents.

And the state of MInnesota needs to be held accountable for the illegal expulsion of the Dakota Oyate who in good faith treatied with them for the purpose of peace and harmony.

Also the families of the 38+2 need to be compensated for the illegal hanging that took place in Mankato December 1863.

Also the families of those women and children who were force marched fro the Lower Sioux Agency in 1862/63 then to Mankato and finally to Ft. Snelling need to be compensated for the harm to life, distruction of peace, and murder. 

Tentative Artist Line Up

Red Ponie, [confirmed]
Bobby Young [confirmed]
JohnTrudell [invited]
Bob Dylan (invited)
Carlos Santana (to be invited)
Eagles (invited)
Jackson Brown (invited)
Lost Lonely Boys (to be invited)
Los Lobos (to be invited)
Neil Young (to be invited)
Alicia Keys' (to be invited)
Sting (to be invited)
Jackson Brown (invited)
Sarah McLaughlin (to be invited)
Joss Stone (to be invited)
U2 (to be invited)
Buffy St. Marie (to be invited)
Taj Mahal (to be invited)
Keith Secola (invited)
Indigenous (to be invited)
Mary J Blige (to be invited)
Sherry Blakey Smith (invited)
Shania Twain (to be invited)

Robert Redford (to be invited)
Val Kilmer (to be invited)
Wes Studi (to be invited)
Gary Farmer (to be invited)
Gerald Auger (confirmed)
Elaine Miles (invited)
Adam Beach (to be invited)
Russell Means (invited)
Bill Means (invited)

Midnight Express (invited National Champion Drum)
The Boyz (invited National Champion Drum)

more artists to be announced, stay posted, thank you.

For More Information Please Contact:

Ron Leith,
Minnesota Manager

Werdena Leith,
Minnesota Artist Coordinator

Carl Leith, Webmaster
Benefit Concert Website Manager

Tom LeBlanc, Northern National Coordinator

Gracie Horn, Southern National Coordinator

Anne Graham, Back Stage Coordinator

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