Chanku Luta (Red Road)

Hau Mitakuyapi
Take a minute, read, review, comment, we of the Dakota Nation may be forgotten in time, but for now we will never be ignored...I will see you on the Red Road of Life...Wopida Tanka
Hokshida Maza (Iron Boy) Bdewakantowan Dakota Akichita

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Red Earth Staff & Volunteers

Red Earth Staff & Volunteers

Ron Leith, Event Coordinator

116 W. 5th St.

Redwood Falls, MN 56283


Werdena Leith, Minnesota Coordinator

Tom LaBlanc, Northern Coordinator

Gracie Horn, Southern Coordinator

Carl Leith, Web Master, Ticket Sales

Anne Graham, Backstage Manager

Millie Odegard, Accountant
Mark Blue
Danette Thompson
Michelle Horjesh
Lou Crane
Steve Smith

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