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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Treaty & Docket Notes fr Carl Leith

  • Carl Leith if ya follow this more closely ..we will get a lesson in what your rights actually are...the Mississippi Sioux Judgment was consolidated from several dockets ...only only 2 of those dockets was paid out DKT 363 ..that was for land in Mn that was held in common with the Sisseton Wahpeton Bands with the 1858 treaties..if anybody or their elected representive council took payment for that you most likely gave up your rights to the council ..the other was mentioned by the court of claims and that was the judgment for the restoration of annuities in 1917 that had McLaughlin compile the 1922 McLaughlin Roll...offsets were deducted against the Santee Sioux and the remainder was paid out in cash ..the ppl who weren't enrolled anywhere were paid out in cash...including those in Mn that had no reservation til 1936
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  • Carl Leith these say recognized title...cant get clearer than that...Docket 359
    the Medawakanton and Wahpakoota have a recognized title to and an undivided
    interest with the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Mississippi Sioux in

    Royce Area 153 by virtue of the Treaty of August 19, 1825, 7 Stat. 272,
    at Prairie des Chien. The Medawakanton and Wahpacoota bands ceded their interest in Royce Area 153 under the treaty of July 15, 1830, 7 Stat. 328.
    (Royce Area 153. This tract was ceded under Article 3 of the Treaty
    of July 15, 1830, 7 Stat. 328, by the four bands of Mississippi Sioux, which area is situated in northern Iowa and comprises about two million acres.
    Royce Area 153 is the subject of claims asserted by the petitioners
    Medawakanton and Wahpakoota Sioux in Docket 359.)

    Docket 360, the Medawakanton band has recognized title under the aforementioned 1825 treaty to that part of Royce Area 243 west of a line drawn from the mouth of the Black River to that point described as half a day's march below the Chippewa Falls.
    (Royce Area 243. With the exception of that portion lying east of
    a line beginning at the mouth of the Black River and terminating at at the point described in Article 5 of the 1825 Prairie des Chien Treaty as "half a day's march below the Falls of the Chippewa River," this tract contains over 4 million acres in east central Minnesota and west central Wisconsin.
    Royce Area 243 was ceded by the Medawakanton Sioux under the Treaty of
    September 29, 1837, 7 Stat. 538, and is the subject of the claims asserted
    by the petitioners, Medawakanton and Wahpakoota Sioux in Docket 360,)

    Docket 361-Mdewakanton Sioux have proven aboriginal title to all lands involved in the transactions known as "Pike's Purchase.
    two tracts-
    the St. Croix Tract at the mouth of the St. Croix River-nine miles square-51,840 acres
    a tract beginning at the confluence of the St. Peters River and the Mississippi River
    extending up the Mississippi River to include the falls of St. Anthony
    9 miles by 18 miles-103,680 acres...agreement Sept 23,1805

    Dockets 142-362, the four bands of Mississippi Sioux have recognized title under the aforementioned 1825 treaty to all of Royce Area 289, which they ceded to the United States under the 185L Treaties of Mendota and Traverse des Sioux
    (Royce Area 289. This cession contains about 25 million acres in
    southern Minnesota, northern Iowa, and a small portion in eastern South Dakota. The area was ceded to the United States by the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands under the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux of July 23, 1851, 10 Stat. 949,
    and the Medawakanton and Wahpakoota bands under the Treaty of Mendota of August 5, 1851, 10 Stat. 954. Royce Area 289 is the subject of the principal claim asserted by the four bands of Mississippi Sioux in Dockets 142 and 362.

    Docket 363, the Medawakanton and Wahpakoota
    Sioux have a reservation title to Royce Area 413, which was confirmed unto said Indians by the Senate Resolution of June 27, 1860, 12 Stat. 1042, and which area was ceded by them to the United States by the Treaty of June 19, 1858, 12 Stat. 1031.
    (Royce Area 413, is a tract of land containing about 320,000 acres
    that is located on the north side of the Minnesota River i n southwestern Minnesota. It was ceded to the United States by the Medawakantons and Wahpakootas under the Treaty of June 19, 1858, 12 Stat. 1031. The Commission has found that as of the effective date of the 1858 Treaty of Cession, the Mdewakanton and Wahpakoota bands had good title to Royce Area 413, which title was confirmed unto these Indians by statute in 1860

    On June 19, 1958, the Medawakantons and Wahpakoota bands, by treaty, ceded their part of the reservation on the north side of the Minnesota River
    (12 Stat. 1031). This is Royce Area 413. Under this treaty, the lands
    on the south side were confirmed unto the Medawakanton and Wahpakoota bands. (The Sisseton and Wahpeton bands executed a similar treaty of cession on June 19, 1858, 12 Stat. 1037, and were also confirmed an interest in the reservation lands on the south side of the Minnesota River). The reservation on the south side of the Minnesota River is known as Royce Area 440
  • Carl Leith these weren't and couldn't be abrogated, because Congress said they had already paid the Indians abrogated them the Indians had to give the money back that was already given to them
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  • Carl Leith cant abrogate them without consent of both parties...only 5 Dakota Chiefs abrogated the treaties they had signed with consent and they and their descendants would acquire the same rights and privileges of a US Citizen

Monday, May 12, 2014

I Demand US Reparations for ALL Crimes.

The US has never PAID for the incalculable atrocities committed on the American Indian during it's rapid and vicious growth.  Billions of dollars are OWED to ALL TRIBES for the unbridled genocide, ethnocide, and infanticide committed in the name of God and Country.  The US needs to be TRIED and SENTENCED in the International Court of Crimes, for crimes committed against the Indigenous people of the Northern Hemisphere.







Monday, April 21, 2014

The Seven Parables of Wood and Stone

This morning as I was walking my dog, Robin, it occurred to me.  Every religion in the world is underdeveloped.  And the only true spiritual practice and way of life is the Pipe Way of Life, Wico aa Canupa.

Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Shiite, Mormonism, Satanism, Atheism, Zealotism, there all underdeveloped.  They've never reached their full potential, their full meaning, they've never attained their full power or status with God.

And as a result all those who have followed those belief systems have not reached their full potential in the eyes of God.  Therefore they lack spiritual achievement, holy advancement, Godliness.

And so the world is full of spiritually based relics of the past that have no meaning.

I am like, wow.

In my search for the truth I have seen many lies.  Most of which came from religions of all sorts.  Contradictions, suppositions, and presuppositions, doctrines, Papal Bulls, Holy Edicts, visionary revelations, enigmatic manifestations of the flesh and the spirit.

It's all fluff, illusion, man-made, creationism, manipulative.  The truth is hard to find when it is not there.

So now I believe I can stop looking.

My uncle Chris, whom I loved dearly and whom I miss every day, said, Christianity will only bring you so far.  And for a long time I thought I understood what he meant, but the truth is I only understood a fraction and now I see it all.

Once during a Sundance I felt God.  It was the most powerful experience I have ever had spiritually.  So I know he exists.  But that's all I really know except for that he was in the sundance arbor.  That's the center, the hocoka.

When I seen the film The Last Temptation of Christ, there's a scene when he goes to the desert and draws a circle in the ground, his hocoka, and he sits inside and waits for his visions, he eventually receives several.

Well I told my son, Indian people have been doing this for thousands of years before Christ.  So we always knew how to find the truth and we understood where the truth came from, God.

That's how I know the Pipe Way of Life, Wico aa Canupa is the true way and there is no other.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


World War III will be about water.  There will not be enough water for the human race to survive.  It will be be oil, or money, or food, or housing, or health care.  It will be water.  Water is life.  Water is survival.  Nations will destroy one another over this vital resource.  Many will die and most will suffer.  The sad part is that this doesn't have to happen.  We can prevent it now.  But will we.