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Hau Mitakuyapi
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Hokshida Maza (Iron Boy) Bdewakantowan Dakota Akichita

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hundreds homeless in Attawapiskat - Timmins Daily Press - Ontario, CA

Hundreds homeless in Attawapiskat - Timmins Daily Press - Ontario, CA

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"THRIVE" and Universal Energy

A few days ago I was flipping through Facebook and I came on a film entitled "Thrive", the introduction was intriguing so I watched it with an open and curious mind.  This film was produced by Foster Gamble after years of research on some very basic questions.  One of which was the unequal international distribution of food.  In the process of following "the money" he also came upon some other very interesting facts and discoveries.

As described in a enlightening film entitled "Thrive" the energy of the universe can be summarized in this image.  Always evolving and always moving.  Life is consistent motion.  Much of what was described in the film/documentary was familiar as lifestyle knowledge within the Dakota Oyate.

I recommend that you view the film for your own purposes and maybe as a search of your own.  My comments here are thoughts and observations from a Dakota point of view, an indigenous point of view if you will.

The photo insert is called a Torus, a universal primary pattern if you will that replicates itself consistently on a variety of scales.  There are several variations of the Torus and you will recognize many of them as you watch the film.

The film states that the Torus can be utilized as a major energy source replacing many destructive energy source methods in use today.  Naturally the major energy producers of the world would not support a system that replaces their mega profit generating conglomerates.

Which brings me to conglomerates.  Robert W. McChesney writes in his book "Rich Media, Poor Democracy" (1999) that "the media have become a significant anti-democratic force in the United States...and worldwide."

The power cores for all aspects of society whether it be democratic, socialist, or totalitarian are becoming more and more concentrated in the hands of a powerful elite minority.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ted Means RIP

One of the greatest leaders of the Oglala Nation passed away today, AIM brother, uncle, elder Ted Means.  Our thoughts and prayers on this National Day of Mouring go out to the Means family on this very difficult day. Many of us in AIM worked beside Ted in a concentrated effort to improve conditions for all Indigenous people of the western hemisphere and in the Oglala Lakota Nation of South Dakota.  We will miss his humor, dedication and commitment in good times and bad times. Ted Means gave his entire life to helping the Lakota people and all Native communities who sit without necessary resources each and every day.  Mitakuyeowasin

American Indian Movement-OGLALA LAKOTA NATION=Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Navajo Supreme Court Case at Yale Law School Yields Lessons in Indigenous Justice

Navajo Supreme Court Case at Yale Law School Yields Lessons in Indigenous Justice

Quantum Entanglement-draft

Quantum entanglement as described in an Ancient Aliens program on the History Channel is the theory where one object can have an effect on another object in another place in the universe.  Universal telepathy is an example of this type of cause and effect. Separate forces connected over vast spaces. Indigenous natives with the capability to communicate with extraterrestrial beings through traditional headdresses, feathers, and other psychic antennae.

When I was very young I was told a family story.  A family member was very sick and so they had a ceremony.  During this ceremony the man sent a turtle to Canada for the medicine they needed.  Canada was hundreds of miles away.  In a hour or so the turtle came back with the medicine in his mouth.  They used the medicine in a tea and my relative was cured.

You can't tell these things to non-Natives due to their skepticism.  But in Indian Country these stories are the lifeblood of truth and the headstone of belief and faith.  So when we see stories like the quantum entanglement story we can immediately identify with it's truth and we can see it's connection to the Great Mystery.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Catholic Church and other Criminals-draft

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops spent $27 million in 2009 to lobby on issues such as same sex marriage.  I noted in a Twitter post that this is ironic since the Catholic Church houses some of the worlds most notorious pedophiles.  Even now former Boston archbishop Cardinal Bernard F. Law is stepping down as from a position in a basilica in Rome. It has been nine years since the sex abuse scandal in Boston forced him from his powerful position as archbishop.  It appears to have haunted his career and it has shadowed his capability to continue to serve the Catholic Church in any meaningful way.

The Catholic Church is now being exposed as the two-headed dragon that the Indigenous people of the Northern hemisphere have always known they were.  The mega oligarchy that is the church has spent millions to influence the US legislative process in order to protect their fiscal interests.  But the real purpose has been to defray any further investigations into the mass sexual abuse that has been the poisoned life blood of the church for many centuries.

The church is no longer even a church per say but more of a corporate dragon whose slimy tentacles reach far and wide in the international community.  Their veins of influence have enabled them to cover-up major crimes and consistent abuse of the masses who have been helpless against the onslaught.

In September of next year the ITCCS will hold hearings on these abuses and other crimes in Belgium.  This may be the first time that the crimes of the church have been brought before an international tribunal.