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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Commercial Sexualization and Abuse of Women

I don't like the commercial sexualization of Native women.  I don't know where artists think that they have the license to commercially trade on blatant sexuality and use Native women as sexual tools in order to sell their products.

When they do this they take a respected gender in Indian Country and place a "playboy/hustler" policy in place for Native women. The don't need to add to the "marketplace" theology of the American Sex Corporate model with half dressed Native women as a icon.

As it is Native women have been abused, sexualized, kidnapped, sold, raped, murdered, and sexploited in the US, Canada, and Central America for the perversions of the male perverted sex marketplace.

I take this position for all women, but only in Indian Country do I have any overt concern because I'm Native.

I don't want my children, grandchildren, nieces, aunties, mothers sexploited by anyone.  I'm not saying that it's not happening, it is on a much larger scale than many care to believe.

But as a man I have an obligation to speak up and speak out whenever I see any commercialization of the female form in sexually provocative art.

And I believe you have an obligation too.

The perpetuation of sexploitation also perpetuates sexual abuse, they go hand in hand.  And it's not the full page blowup that gets attention it's the small innuendo painting and facebook photo that flies around the world and gets the mass viewing and is taken for the norm, and it's far from normal, it's not even in the same universe.

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