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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Panthers and the American Indian Movement

Before the advent of the American Indian Movement there was the Black Panthers of the mid-1960's.  A lot of the community organizing ideas that AIM pursued had been made popular by the Black Panther Party.  Including the use of guns in an armed struggle for independence.  Black Panther sponsored street patrols to monitor and record the brutality and harassment of community blacks were initiated in order to curtail the number of murders and beatings which were being perpetuated and justified by the police.

When Bobby Seale and Huey Newton founded the Black Panther party in 1965 they used the political and philosophical arguments of W.E.B. Du Bois, Nate Turner, and Malcolm X as guideposts for their community work.  They also used the Constitution of the United States as literal support for their actions of community self-defense and police confrontation.

Bobby Seale and Huey Newton were black pioneers when it came to political revolutionary commitment and   the advocacy of black independence from colonialist rule.  The direct action policy of confrontation and fearless reactionary work became a religious calling for a community that had been living a life of fear and intimidation when having to interact with the law enforcement agencies that were there to serve and protect.  during the spring of 1967 a black man, Denzil Dowell was murdered and left for dead by the Richmond, California city police and the county sheriff became accomplices in that murder.

Subsequently the Black Panther Party for Self Defense organized community education rally's in order to expose and publicize the blatant indiscriminate killing of black men and the harassment and brutal beating of black women.  In all during those few months no less that fifty murders were attributed to police action and involvement.

A lot of American citizens have been taught that colonialism is and has been dead for generations.  And maybe in overt practice it has been, but in the subversive model of political planning and governmental policy development by the rich and powerful, colonialist thought has not changed.  Anyone not white, male, wasp, is considered suspect of anti-americanism and subversionism.

During the 1970's both the American Indian Movement and the, by then very splintered, Black Panther Party had been targeted by the FBI's COINTELPRO program for disruption and destruction.  Both organization had suffered jailings, beatings, murders, infiltration, espionage, wiretapping, legal and political attacks, and a very public, vicious, propaganda campaign to spread rumours and lies.

Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Vernon Bellecourt, Clyde Bellecourt of AIM and many others to numerous to mention  have propelled the Indian communities sense of self determination as no one ever has before, in the same way that H.Rap Brown, Eldridge Cleaver, Malcolm X, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton, Fred Hampton of the Black Panther Party have redefined what it means to live Black and Proud in the urban ghettos of America's mainstream society.

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