Chanku Luta (Red Road)

Hau Mitakuyapi
Take a minute, read, review, comment, we of the Dakota Nation may be forgotten in time, but for now we will never be ignored...I will see you on the Red Road of Life...Wopida Tanka
Hokshida Maza (Iron Boy) Bdewakantowan Dakota Akichita

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Honor's New Contact Info - Offices Consolidated to White Earth Reservation

Honor the Earth is excited to announce changes to our overall organizational structure and the consolidation of our offices. We will maintain our space in northern Minnesota on the White Earth reservation. Historically, we have also held an office in Minneapolis, but due to recent changes we are working solely out of our northern office.
Contact Info:
Honor the Earth
PO Box 67
Callaway, MN 56521
Phone: 218-375-3200

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