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Friday, December 9, 2011

Dual Transference of Knowledge

     Yesterday I returned to an old CD that I've been carrying around for awhile.  "Eurantia" is a message about God and the Universe which trys to explain the cosmos as known to many beings with the exception of ourselves.  One day when shopping for cheap books at a thrift store I came across this book called Eurantia.  Quite a heavy tome, but it had an interesting cover, it grabbed my interest, and for a buck, what the hell.  Anyway it was tough reading and I never did get very far, but I read enough to understand the basic premise. It was a message to Earth (Eurantia as were known elsewhere in the universe) that explained how the universe works and what it is made of.  Primarily God and God's creation.  the book included a CD in the back, which I didn't realize until much later.  Well I gave the book to my daughter and I kept the CD.  And yesterday I listened to it a bit longer, as it is hours worth of listening time I only heard seven sections of chapter one.

Anyway during the last few days I felt as though I were chasing something, not quite sure what, but it was just out of reach.  So I did a couple of things.  I made a list, I drew a sketch, I read and re-read some, I prayed, and I shared some with my wife.  I felt pretty good about my "work."

This morning I woke up with a revelation, an awareness or an understanding, for myself at least.

1. We have had visitors from a variety of other planets.
  There is plenty of evidence with regard to this revelation.  And there is plenty of denial.  I've done enough research for myself to come to believe that the human race has had credible and consistent inter-relationships with beings from other worlds.  I would go on to say that as far a race we are incomplete in our holistic evolution.  Much of this stifling comes as a result of "progress" and "civilization" and it's inhibited sphere of growth opportunity and a lack of independent will to go beyond what we believe to be consistent with God's will.  But this is beginning to change.  There's a convergence taking place in the mind, body and souls of many individuals on earth who are not in touch with one another.  They only understand what it is they are experiencing.  So the convergence is harmoniously taking place.

2. We have had visitors from God, representatives if you will.
  This revelation and the first are often confused.  We have had both.  These representatives have been with us since the beginning.  Some of us have welcomed and acknowledged their inference to our delight.  But others have not been willing to believe in them and have had a hard time in coming to their own realizations about spiritual inference and interface.

They are and have been trying to share with us and out limited capacity to comprehend a series of solutions and choices.  Why? Because they know where we are headed and they really don't want that.

Our problem has been in a lack of willingness to interpret their messages.  And until we can do that we will not be capable of advancing to the next level.

Historically other civilizations have had these "visitations" and because of their "primitive" societies they were able to believe, understand and incorporate the messages. So in tun they "advanced." We have become somewhat stagnant.

But, there is a growing community of believers and they are becoming more and more vocal and their messages are becoming more widely and genuinely accepted.

Because the Universe is God's universe, he is all.  There is only him.  And all that transcends space and time is him.  And he wants the best for his children, us.

So he sends help.

Both from other Hyper-Universal Nations and from his own arsenal of  Spiritual Guardians.

So that's it for now. Wopida Tanka.

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