Chanku Luta (Red Road)

Hau Mitakuyapi
Take a minute, read, review, comment, we of the Dakota Nation may be forgotten in time, but for now we will never be ignored...I will see you on the Red Road of Life...Wopida Tanka
Hokshida Maza (Iron Boy) Bdewakantowan Dakota Akichita

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


World War III will be about water.  There will not be enough water for the human race to survive.  It will be be oil, or money, or food, or housing, or health care.  It will be water.  Water is life.  Water is survival.  Nations will destroy one another over this vital resource.  Many will die and most will suffer.  The sad part is that this doesn't have to happen.  We can prevent it now.  But will we.

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