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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eugenics, Dysgenics and CPAC

In the 1940's Adolph Hitler added to his program of anti-Semitism a policy that included eugenics, or the perpetuation of the "racially fit" versus those who were non-Aryan or "unfit" mentally or physically.  This policy of course was aimed at the Jews and the ultimate elimination of the Jewish race.  Many who have studied these times and these policies have deplored their application and their use in a so-called civilized society.

The associate reasoning for the pogrom was the affiliation, supposedly, of the Jews and the implementation of Bolshevism or Communism in Germany.  Hitler tied these two together intrinsically in order to appeal the patriotism of the German public, and raise their ire toward the Jewish race specifically and toward Communism generally.
Hitler's ideological alternative of course was National Socialism and bureaucratic dictatorship, based on systemic racial purity.  

In the case of the current presidential campaigns the targeted public appeasement is to the upper class, since the middle class no longer exists in America and the lower class , which has grown by leaps and bounds is of no concern to those vying for presidential and congressional power.  This statement was made by presidential candidate Mitt Romney himself as "I'm not concerned about the poor".., and by Newt Gingrich in reference to "food stamp" Americans.

But since then the United States has used the same dysgenic policies with all of their abhorrent applications among the American Blacks and  American Indians.  Mass government sponsored sterilization pogroms among the urban and rural communities of color are coming to light as a result of the Freedom of Information Act and the diligent research of independent journalists.  This was typically the case when perpetuated among the poor and indefensible communities of the under-educated or illiterate.  Cases among the Native communities spread as far north as the Yukon and as far west as Los Angeles, California.  At this point not much is known, by me at least, of the Chicano community but it's probable that their community may have been targeted also.

Of course the pogroms used by the United States in Indian Country are well documented and have been widely publicized.  Everything from Sand Creek to the mass hangings in 1862 at Mankato, Minnesota.  So the communities of color have had a great deal of experience with policies of annihilation and extermination as exhibited and carried out by United States presidential and congressional acts.

What may not be as well known is how the United States came to it's decision to use eugenics as a filtering tool among it's minority populations.  The proponents of the continued pogroms of annihilation have never been brought to justice, or have even seen the inside of a courtroom in order to address their crimes against the American people of color whom they have targeted.  So the culprits and perpetrators of destructive pogroms have not suffered the consequences which a civilized society dictates that must occur.  And so within certain circles of power these pogroms must still be a viable alternative to population control.

Recently the Department of Homeland Security, via the new NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), signed by Barack Obama and passed by a Republican Congress has the wherewithal and the legal means to detain and imprison anyone "on a whim" that they deem "potential or imminent threats" to the security of the United States.  The DHS as well as the FBI, CIA, AFT, and who knows what other agencies now have a carte blanche via the NDAA that many Americans may not even be aware of or concerned about.

These are the prerequisite conditions under which other national nefarious powers operated, only one of whom was the Nazi Party of Hitler's Germany in the early 1930's, the others occurred of course in Italy and the USSR.

According to some the NDAA basically "hides" individuals who are swept up in it's web for reasons unknown or at least not announced to the public at large. So what has happened to habeas corpus or the basic right to confront one's accuser's in a court of law prior to definitive detention?, or to be served a warrant for arrest?, well it may not be the case if the principles of NDAA are used to detain you or your neighbors.

At the CPAC in Washington, DC this week, many spoke of the tax and spend policy of the current administration and how the NRC would roll back this practice and undo programs which may have added to the national debt.  But the savings to the country were not for the general fund but to the corporate capitalistic pot-bellies, of which Romney is only one.

But the economic concerns are far outweighed, in my opinion, by the basic right to life, liberty, and access to a system of justice and fair trials.  Of course if the common man has less money, the less justice will be available to him anyway.

So maybe both the far right, and the extreme left may both win at the expense of the complacent American family, who still believe in a Leave it to Beaver America. 

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