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Monday, November 28, 2011

"THRIVE" and Universal Energy

A few days ago I was flipping through Facebook and I came on a film entitled "Thrive", the introduction was intriguing so I watched it with an open and curious mind.  This film was produced by Foster Gamble after years of research on some very basic questions.  One of which was the unequal international distribution of food.  In the process of following "the money" he also came upon some other very interesting facts and discoveries.

As described in a enlightening film entitled "Thrive" the energy of the universe can be summarized in this image.  Always evolving and always moving.  Life is consistent motion.  Much of what was described in the film/documentary was familiar as lifestyle knowledge within the Dakota Oyate.

I recommend that you view the film for your own purposes and maybe as a search of your own.  My comments here are thoughts and observations from a Dakota point of view, an indigenous point of view if you will.

The photo insert is called a Torus, a universal primary pattern if you will that replicates itself consistently on a variety of scales.  There are several variations of the Torus and you will recognize many of them as you watch the film.

The film states that the Torus can be utilized as a major energy source replacing many destructive energy source methods in use today.  Naturally the major energy producers of the world would not support a system that replaces their mega profit generating conglomerates.

Which brings me to conglomerates.  Robert W. McChesney writes in his book "Rich Media, Poor Democracy" (1999) that "the media have become a significant anti-democratic force in the United States...and worldwide."

The power cores for all aspects of society whether it be democratic, socialist, or totalitarian are becoming more and more concentrated in the hands of a powerful elite minority.

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