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Hau Mitakuyapi
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcome to "Minnesota Mdewakanton Dakota Nation" - - Gmail

Welcome to "Minnesota Mdewakanton Dakota Nation" - - Gmail:

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Kelly said...

Hiya, Ron.

I hadn't visited your site in a while. It was good to see what you've been up to and how you're honoring your relations. I don't have any American Indian blood in me but the Lakota people have always felt like family. Not sure how that is and I work to honor it. My question is this: what would you do if you routinely dreamed about a Lakotan village that you routinely saw in your dreams and could describe perfectly to a stranger?

I know it sounds a bit "out" there, but it's been happening to me for years and I'm not sure why or what to do with it?

Any advice?

Best, Kelly